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Pittsburgh Garage Door Tracks/Roller Repair Services
Let Pittsburgh Garage Door Keep Things On Track

Pittsburgh Garage Door offers a wide range of services that include the repair or replacement of rollers, tracks and cables. With a malfunctioning roller system, your garage door will not flow smoothly along the track system. When this happens your garage door can become stuck in a partially raised position that can create a hazardous situation for you and your property or vehicles. Pittsburgh Garage Door can diagnose your garage door problem as a roller, track or cable problem and have the repair completed in most cases within an hour.
When you can hear a grinding noise, or a loud squeaking it is generally the rollers slowing down along a gummed up track. With the regular lubrication supplied by Pittsburgh Garage Door during an annual Preventive Maintenance Service, this problem will not lead to larger repairs.

When your garage door begins to slow down and take an extremely long time to move up or down, then the problem could lie along the track system or the cable system. Both of which require a professional repair service like that provided by Pittsburgh Garage Door.

How The Garage Door Roller System Works

Garage doors have a smooth flow due to the multitude of rollers that move up and down along the track system of your garage doors. The rollers are kept in place by a series of brackets that are attached along the door itself, and the rollers glide along the track system. When a door becomes unbalanced due to extreme weight or a problem with alignment due  to a problem with the spring system, it can jump the track.

Since garage doors are heavy, upwards of 400 lbs. for some garage doors, it is never a good idea for a non-professional to try and work on a garage door. Always call a professional technician from Pittsburgh Garage Door to ensure your safety and the proper repair of a garage door.
Once a roller has jumped the track, Pittsburgh Garage Door will get it back in place, and then provide an inspection that will locate if any, other garage door problems that may be causing the roller to leave its proper place along the track. One of the main reasons for a roller repair is the breaking or misalignment of a garage door torsion spring system. Pittsburgh Garage Door can find the broken spring and develop a free estimate for your garage door spring repair that will help prevent problems with the rollers on your garage door.
Pittsburgh Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken garage door springs in Pittsburgh are responsible for most of the injuries to home owners and their vehicles when it comes to garage door malfunctions, and that includes rollers off the tracks, and broken tracks systems. In Pittsburgh garage door springs usually announce a problem with a loud bang when the home owner tries to open or close the garage door. When a single spring breaks both must be replaced, or the uneven tension will create a load bearing issue that will cause the second spring to break soon after.

The cable systems that are attached to the spring systems can cause serious injury if handled improperly. When released, they can snap back and cut like a knife. That is why it is important to have all broken garage door spring repairs performed by a professional like those who work for Pittsburgh Garage Door.

Pittsburgh Garage Door offers the most affordable, accurate and fastest roller repair or  replacement in Pittsburgh. No matter the size of your garage door or its roller or track system problem, Pittsburgh Garage Door can handle the problem.
When you are looking for a company you can depend on for superior customer service, high quality parts and hardware, and reliable garage door technicians, then Pittsburgh Garage Door is the one to call. We have a proven track record with our loyal customers, and we want you to join them and see for yourself why Pittsburgh Garage Door is the Best Garage Door service in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

Give Pittsburgh Garage Door a call today and we will be there 24/7 to answer your questions, and schedule a home visit for a free estimate on your Pittsburgh Roller/Track Repair.